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Best flights from New York to Los Angeles offers you the best airfares from New York to Los Angeles. Book cheap tickets and save money. The lowest price calendar for February and March below.

Lowest price calendar from New York to Los Angeles*

February 2020
March 2020

Non-stop flights New York - Los Angeles

New York - Los Angeles: JetBlue AirwaysJetBlue AirwaysB6323, B6523, B6623, B6123, B61123, B623, B61323, B62023, B68314, B68299, B68298, B68297, B6223, B6423, B68025, B61523, B61823, B61623, B61723, B66873, B66389, B66875
New York - Los Angeles: Delta Air LinesDelta Air LinesDL442, DL41, DL422, DL419, DL450, DL480, DL458, DL3552, DL2753, DL2227, DL3807, DL3336, DL3335, DL408, DL5620, DL7442, DL423, DL3337, DL454, DL475, DL7420, DL7422, DL438, DL427, DL5114, DL5182, DL424, DL425, DL472, DL3401, DL440, DL449, DL3061, DL3488, DL3086, DL3174, DL3137
New York - Los Angeles: American AirlinesAmerican AirlinesAA5731, AA4508, AA4321, AA4312, AA4333, AA2430, AA4338, AA117, AA4502, AA4310, AA5745, AA7016, AA23, AA4337, AA4331, AA133, AA125, AA293, AA4326, AA4319, AA1, AA171, AA33, AA255, AA2524, AA181, AA21, AA4520, AA3330, AA3564, AA3004, AA8684, AA3030, AA3101, AA3338, AA4551, AA2587, AA2237, AA185, AA7515, AA3098, AA3184, AA6441, AA6398, AA6307, AA83, AA3230, AA3186, AA3156, AA5719, AA5336, AA5102, AA5368, AA272, AA3, AA678, AA1637, AA1975, AA2487, AA35, AA19, AA163, AA76
New York - Los Angeles: FinnairFinnairAY5745, AY5731
New York - Los Angeles: Virgin AmericaVirgin AmericaVX411, VX413, VX407, VX415, VX399, VX169, VX409, VX161, VX165, VX167, VX1411, VX1409, VX1399, VX1407, VX1413, VX1415, VX1169, VX1165
New York - Los Angeles: EmiratesEmiratesEK6871, EK6875, EK6873, EK6389
New York - Los Angeles: United AirlinesUnited AirlinesUA758, UA1913, UA751, UA275, UA1165, UA1773, UA1600, UA463, UA744, UA1817, UA6840, UA6842, UA1064, UA703, UA250, UA1493, UA685, UA607, UA1871, UA233, UA6261, UA6265, UA1162, UA1287, UA1241, UA1960, UA1237, UA333, UA2020, UA786, UA8546, UA8544, UA7997, UA1482, UA1909, UA1295, UA1042, UA8828, UA8913, UA1456, UA1141, UA1753, UA1244, UA1495, UA537, UA1258, UA1148, UA2394
New York - Los Angeles: Scandinavian Airlines SystemScandinavian Airlines SystemSK6842, SK6840
New York - Los Angeles: Air FranceAir FranceAF3552, AF2753, AF2227, AF2456
New York - Los Angeles: Air BerlinAir BerlinAB4502
New York - Los Angeles: KLM Royal Dutch AirlinesKLM Royal Dutch AirlinesKL5114, KL5182
New York - Los Angeles: AlitaliaAlitaliaAZ3086, AZ3489, AZ3488
New York - Los Angeles: Air EuropaAir EuropaUX3337, UX3335, UX3807, UX3401, UX3336
New York - Los Angeles: Iberia AirlinesIberia AirlinesIB7016, IB4551
New York - Los Angeles: British AirwaysBritish AirwaysBA4310, BA4321, BA4333, BA4331, BA4312, BA8684, BA4338, BA4319
New York - Los Angeles: QantasQantasQF12, QF3230
New York - Los Angeles: Asiana AirlinesAsiana AirlinesOZ6261, OZ6265
New York - Los Angeles: Alaska AirlinesAlaska AirlinesAS6441, AS1165, AS1411, AS1407, AS1415, AS1399, AS1167
New York - Los Angeles: Austrian AirlinesAustrian AirlinesOS7997
New York - Los Angeles: China Southern AirlinesChina Southern AirlinesCZ1919
New York - Los Angeles: TAP PortugalTAP PortugalTP8546, TP8544, TP8025
New York - Los Angeles: Qatar AirwaysQatar AirwaysQR5102
New York - Los Angeles: Korean AirKorean AirKE7505, KE7422, KE7507

Flights with stops from New York to Los Angeles

Use Search to find and book tickets.

Flights with stops from New York to Los Angeles have following airlines: United Airlines, American Airlines, Virgin America, Sun Country Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Greenfly.

About flight

Flight distance between the cities - 3936km. Flight duration - 4h 24min

Weather in Los Angeles

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